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#22 ガチ

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Sep. 20th, 2009 | 08:43 pm
posted by: clarinetkoko in zokugo


Meaning: Seriously (Serious)

Examples: おまえガチかよ?[Are you serious?] / ガチでやばい。 [I'm seriously in trouble.]

Notes: Fairly common among young'uns. It probably comes from ガチンコ勝負, which means a head-on-head fight, which implies a serious battle. A popular phrase you see floating around the internet frequently would be ガチホモ, which means a true (seriously) gay guy, or it can also be used to describe someone's actions or words in a derogatory way.

From Koko: Yay! Back! After like... 2+ years. Will try to keep a daily track, I promise.

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