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#23 KY

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Sep. 21st, 2009 | 04:54 pm
posted by: pecology in zokugo


Meaning: Insensitive; Not aware of the current situation or mood

Examples: あの人KYだよね。[That guy is so insensitive.] / そういうKYな発言はやめて欲しい。 [I wish you'd stop with those remarks unsuitable for this situation.]

Notes: KY is an acronym for Kuuki Yomenai [空気読めない], and the literal translation of this is "can't read the air". This is an extremely Japanese-esque word that reflects the Japanese culture very well in my opinion; the "air" refers to the mood of the current situation, and if you ruin the mood in anyway you would be referred to as KY. KY is most often used in the context when someone can't take the hint, for example when everyone is excitedly talking about a KATTUN concert and someone chimes in about how KATTUN songs suck. The minority, or in this case the person who ruined their enthusiasm, would be KY. 

From Koko: This is clarinetkoko, but in a different more up to date account. Yay! Look forward to more posts from pecology . :)

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