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#17 テンパる

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Mar. 31st, 2006 | 08:22 pm
posted by: clarinetkoko in zokugo


Meaning: to rush/panic; to be up to the chin

Examples: なんでそんなテンパってるの?[Why are you panicking so?]

Notes: テンパる originates from a mah-jong word meaning 'a state where you can finish with one more card', 「聴牌(てんぱい)」. る, a commonly used suffix to turn words into verbs, was attached to てんぱい thus creating テンパる, and at first it was only used as a mah-jong word. From here, this word began to hold the meaning 'being completely prepared' and 'being completely full'. Around the year 2000, the latter began to hold a worse meaning 'to be up to the chin'.

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